Here are some independant views from individuals who have read the book.

More and more people recognise the value of a more spiritual perspective on to-day's interlocking environmental and social crises, and this book, based on a decade's worth of personal spiritual enquiry and practice, provides a timely antidote to most of today's rather doer eco-tracts.

Sir Jonathon Porritt CBE, Founder and Director of Forum for the Future, Chairman of UK Sustainable Development Commission, author of Seeing Green: Politics of Ecology Explained (Blackwell 1984), Coming of the Greens (Fontana 1988), Where on Earth Are We Going? (BBC 1990), Pioneers of Change: Experiments in Creating a Humane Society (Zed Books 1992), Dancing to Armageddon (Aquarian Press 1992), Liberty and Sustainability (John Stuart Mill Institute 1995), Save the Earth (Ramboro Books 1997), Playing Safe: Science and the Environment (Thames and Hudson 2000), Capitalism as If the World Matters (Earthscan 2005), Planet Earth, the Future (BBC Books 2006).

Sustainability is as much a spiritual imperative as it is a political and economic challenge. Chris Philpott admirably highlights this dimension in his book 'Rediscovering Green Spirituality.' It is a timely book addressing the most urgent concerns of our civilisation. Anyone interested in building a sustainable future should read this book; it is informative and inspiring and deals with the subject comprehensively.

Satish Kumar, Founder and Editor of Resurgence Magazine, author of No Destination (Green Books 2000), You Are Therefore I Am (Green Books 2002), The Buddha and the Terrorist (Algonquin Books 2006), Visionaries: Portraits of Hope for Humanity and Planet Earth (Chelsea Green Publishing 2007), Earth Pilgrim (Green Books 2009).

There is an increasing understanding that the environmental crisis is a crisis of economics. In a society driven by destructive economic accumulation, spiritual traditions have a lot to tell us when we ask how we can move to a green and just world. Chris Philpot has years of experience in the field of green spirituality. I think his book will wake people up and be a positive and well-read contribution.

Dr.Derek Wall, former Principal Male Speaker of the Green Party, author of Getting There: Steps to a Green Society (Greenprint 1990), A Green Manifesto (Penguin 1990), Green History: Reader in Environmental Literature, Philosophy and Politics (Routledge 1993), Earth First and the Anti-roads Movement: Radical Environmentalism and Comparative Social Movements (Routledge 1999) Babylon and Beyond: The Economics of Anti-capitalist, Anti-globalist and Radical Green Movements (Pluto Press 2005).

Chris Philpott's book will provide a unique insight into the spiritual changes we will have to make if society is to survive the global warming threat. I highly recommend him. 6 Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet (Harper Perennial 2008)

Mark Lynas, award winning author on Climate Change.