About Chris Philpott

Chris Philpott

Chris had the idea of writing a book about environmental issues in February 1972 after watching a programme about the Club of Rome Report. The report stated that the planet faced major environmental problems in the future.

Chris Philpott has been a Green Activist for twenty-eight years or more. He has campaigned on local and national green issues such as recycling and climate change, and has been involved in organizing community activities relating to whole food, recycling, gardening and conservation, local economic trading (LETS), meditation, Transition Towns, interfaith and green spirituality groups. He has worked for Agenda 21 and is currently a member of the Leamington Spa Transition Town Steering group. The idea for this book came when he created the Green Spirituality Working Group in the U.K. Green Party. During his time with the Green Spirituality Working Group, Chris produced a twice-yearly magazine expressing the spiritual viewpoints of its members, and built up a national network of 350 people. This book, a direct outcome of this experience, has taken nearly 13 years to research and write.

He is also an experienced and enthusiastic performer, his skills including public speaking and clowning, as well as writing and performing Eco music with a band appropriately named 'The Eco Worriers'.

Chris comes from a Christian and Buddhist background, and was affected deeply by the surge of interest in spirituality during the 1970s. He has always read widely, and maintains an interest in all the world's spiritual traditions.

Chris travelled extensively in India during 2002 and interviewed one hundred and thirty Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, and Christian and Buddhist spiritual leaders during his stay. Each leader received the same seven questions regarding spirituality and care of the environment and each response was documented in detail. During the same year, he travelled to the United Nations World Conference on Sustainability in Johannesburg, where he shared his views on Green Spirituality with other delegates, and also discussed the need to bring more Spirituality into the work of the United Nations.

He has given talks on Green Spirituality at the U.K. Green Party National conferences, the Big Green Gathering, the Climate Camps, the Campaign against Climate Change Forums and the Birmingham Inter-faith group. He is always available for workshops on green spirituality.